SKF modular high speed LLT profile rail guides boost design flexibility

SKF, the knowledge engineering company, has announced the launch of an expanded range of modular linear profile rail guides, designed to combine high operating speeds with heavy load capacities. The guides offer excellent rigidity, repeatability and accuracy from a system that can easily be configured to meet the needs of both OEMs and end users alike.

MT/P1 12942 EN - Profile rail guides LLT

The SKF LLT profile rail guide series satisfies the market demand for adaptability by incorporating a wide range of sizes, carriages and accessories, as well as in various preload and accuracy classes. The modular concept of SKF LLT profile rail guides also gives design and production engineers a wide range of system build options, in terms of rail length, carriage size and profile. LLT profile rail guides are configured in an X-arrangement with a 45° contact angle between the rolling elements and raceways and it is this design that promotes equal load sharing in all four main load directions to provide greater design flexibility.

The extended range includes two new carriage types: the SA (sizes 15 to 35) and the LU (sizes 25 to 45), and a rail option with metal plugs (D6 type) to seal the rail counter bores. Also available are an adapter plate (LLTHZ PL) to allow for side lubrication, plus a lubrication connector (LLTHZ VN UA) to enable the connection of automatic lubrication systems. In addition, the SO shield offers engineers a useful alternative in applications that are very sensitive and require extremely low friction or in medical/semi-conductor applications where there is no need for a seal due to the environment.

A bellows that is able to resist a temperature of 160°C for a short period (type LAS) for sizes 15 to 30 is available, while a short period of 260°C resistance can also be provided for sizes 35 and 45 (type WEL). SKF LLT rails can be specified with thin, dense chrome coating for corrosion resistance, while carriages with a nickel coating provide superior corrosion resistance.

source: SKF UK