SKF launches SKF Speed Sensor Unit

–This speed sensing unit helps reduce weight, friction and manufacturing costs in two wheeler market–

SKF has today launched the innovative SKF Speed Sensor Unit for two wheelers. The new unit combines the front wheel bearing and speed sensor into a single module, offering important advantages to manufacturers of motorcycles and scooters. These advantages include fewer components, reduced weight, lower friction and shorter assembly times.

SKF speed sensor unit

“The demand for two wheelers is growing worldwide, especially in emerging and fast growing markets. At the same time, consumers are looking for smart, stylish motorcycles and scooters that are reliable and have the latest electronic features. The new SKF Speed Sensor Unit helps manufacturers meet these needs, with lower cost for production,inventory and maintenance, plus advanced technology that adds to the appeal of their vehicles”, says TGG Nair, General Manager Two Wheeler Centre of Excellence, SKF India.

The new SKF Speed Sensor Unit is designed for use with digital speedometers and is supplied as a ready-to-fit module for a fast and simple installation. The unit uses a non-contacting method of sensing, to minimize friction. It is fully over-moulded to protect against the ingress of dust and moisture.

By combining the wheel bearing and speed sensor into a single unit, SKF has made a significant reduction in the number of components and mechanical linkages required.
Most two wheelers use multiple components for the wheel bearing and sensor assemblies. This complicates manufacturing and logistics processes. Also, because mechanical linkages are often used, friction within the system is increased which causes extra wear and may lead to greater maintenance costs for the consumer. The new SKF Speed Sensor Unit reduces the number of components from nine to three, and cuts the weight from around 350g to 180g or less.

The SKF Speed Sensor Unit is designed to be fitted to existing two wheelers without the need for modification. It also provides two wheeler manufacturers with a platform for the future development of advanced stop-start and ABS systems.

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source: SKF