SKF launches new seal head unit for shock absorbers for off-road vehicles

SKF launches a new seals head unit, an integrated application for off-road vehicles, such as enduro and cross motorcycles, snowmobiles and quads. The new product increases vehicle performance and comfort for riders and makes maintenance easier for suspension specialists. The unit can operate in a wide temperature range (-40 °C to +150 °C), excluding contaminants and reducing friction and wear.

SKF shock absorber

The seal head unit consists of five pre-assembled components: An integrated monotube seal, a washer, a bushing, the seal head and a dirt scraper. The integrated monotube is itself an assembly of five pre-assembled components; an oil seal, a bumper, an O-ring and a back up ring to support the main lip under high pressure. Together with the unit, SKF offers the service kit to supply all necessary components for simplified and efficient maintenance of the SKF seal head unit. The service kit includes the integrated monotube seal, the bushing and the dirt scraper.

Because it is a single unit it can be mounted quickly, saving time compared to traditional multi-component solutions. The integration of the static seals into the monotube seal assures no air between those five integrated components, simplifying the process to purge air from the system.

The new seal head unit has been developed and tested, both in the SKF laboratory and on the field by leading OE shock absorber manufacturers.

The dirt scraper is a new design for the application that provides low friction and excellent dirt exclusion.

SKF was present at EICMA 2012, 13-18 November on the Innteck stand, SKF’s distribution partner for two wheelers’ sealing solutions, to present this new technological solution. This latest innovation adds to the other two seals solutions that the company launched to the market in the last three years, namely fork seals and a wheel seal kit.

source: EngineeringNews