ERIKS launch new Automation Services Division in the UK

ERIKS is to continue the expansion of its UK service by launching a new Automation Services Division.


The division will channel ERIKS’ broad and deep engineering expertise into delivering real customer benefits in automation technology across a wide range of industries in the form of energy savings, enhanced performance, and improved profitability.
The establishment of the Automation Division will also give ERIKS a unique advantage as the only distribution/industrial service company to offer this capability in the UK.

ERIKS has already established a highly successful Automation Division in Holland and is now transferring the business model to the UK. The new division will design, develop, assemble and build innovative solutions in automation technology, with a particular focus on motion control.

ERIKS Automation Services will bring to the customer the benefits of ERIKS’ broad knowledge base, plus unbiased specification and supply. ERIKS supplies products from many brands, and therefore offers access to, and knowledge of, many different motion and control technologies. Similarly, because ERIKS is platform/technology independent it can offer the best solution for each application, with no agenda to promote any solution that is driven by a particular technology.

The ERIKS UK Automation Division will prove an extremely valuable service for British engineering SMEs, bringing a ready-made capability to the smallest businesses that do not have an R&D or systems development team, and adding vital specialised knowledge to larger operations that do.

Click here to visit the ERIKS Automation Services website.


source: Eriks