Swiss Tailored bearing solutions

When a standard bearing doesn’t give you the performance, reliability or functional benefits you need, what’s the alternative?

Embroidery solutionw01The ball bearing is one of the most common machine components, so it’s no wonder that standardisation has arisen, with a multitude of companies offering catalogues full of standard products. But for the machine builder, a standard component won’t always provide the required functionality. Specially optimised components are required.

This is where companies such as JESA come in. Swiss manufacturer JESA specialises in the design, industrialisation and production of components or subassemblies intended to provide a rotation function, with the company producing metal products, engineering polymers and hybrids. The products are used in a wide range of markets, including automotive, industrial, medical, consumer goods and construction.
A good example of solving specific industrial problems is the recent design of an eccentric unit at the heart of an industrial embroidery machine. The replacement of an entirely metal product with a plastic-metal hybrid not only reduced costs – savings that could be passed on to buyers of the machine – but also increased performance. The new hybrid components weighed less than metal parts, enabling the system to operate at higher speeds, while generating less vibration and noise thanks to the excellent absorption capabilities of the plastic parts.

Profile solutionsw01Another example of added value is JESA’s ability to produce ball or needle bearings with special profiles and without expensive tooling investment. Currently, when a customer needs a special bearing, they have to invest in grinding wheels and other expensive equipment. With JESA’s new innovative machine tools, JESA can now provide high precision profile (F.E. : for linear guidance) and tailored bearing designs, without spending thousands in dedicated tooling. The customer’s benefits are a flexible production of profiled and special bearings without huge tooling investment and the ability to modify profile designs without cost and to enable successful testing programs for each individual application.

When JESA talks about innovation, it’s not necessarily about putting bearings in an F1 car or about inventing a new polymer. Instead, innovation can mean finding the ideal form of a lip seal, or finding the best combination of materials for occasional dry running, or developing an outer ring geometry that ensures the optimum fit for the plastic overmoulding, or reducing the number of parts in an electric motor running at 110,000rpm. In short, the real innovation is the one that finds real practical use.

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