Unique Bearing Design Proves Successful in Universal Joint Application

An innovative bearing cup design concept has demonstrated feasibility by successfully performing in various U.S. Army Field Test applications and environments. The universal joint cups employing this design concept are referred to as Geometrically Contoured (GC) cups for the design approach which structurally modifies the wear surface in order to improve load carrying and reduce wear and friction. They are made from powdered materials (Fig. 1)

GC Bearing02wThis unique approach to wear control and reduction while improving performance eliminates the need for periodic maintenance and replacement of HMWVV (Humvee) universal joints. It reduces unit costs significantly by eliminating the need for roller needles and lubrication channels, in addition to savings in inventory, logistics and maintenance.

GC Bearing01wThe concept holds considerable promise for bearings in general. It has been granted six patents and two are pending. Genesee Northern Research LLC is currently working to develop additional applications for this unique bearing technology.

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