Complete range of Sleeves for bearings from BGL

BGL HeaderBGL, the most traditional bearing sleeve manufacturer of Brasil, announces the company is keeping the complete range of bearing sleeves and parts on inventory. The products can be shipped very fast to every point in the world.


100% IN HOUSE Vertical production
One of the characteristics that makes BGL different is the vertical production. It controls all the transformation technology, from the raw material until the part is finished.
BGLproductionThe raw material used producing the parts has excellent mechanical properties and comes from qualified suppliers, providing proper resistance and dimensional precision. They are controlled since they enter the company until engraving the lot number (stamp and laser process) on the part, allowing its tracking.

BGLproduction02wThe material technology developed by the company is based on the Ductile (nodular), BGFN01 and 02 alloy, which is the material option. Although we also produce rolled steel parts according to the customer’s specifications.

Quality, Service and Availability is guaranteed. You can check the online product e-catalogue or contact BGL for more information.

About the company
& Grotta Ltda. is an 100% Brazilian company and leader in the bearing sleeves market in all the country. Pioneer producing these parts, it is growing with increasing exportations to the United States , Mexico and South American countries.

Created on August 14th, 1957, it was originated in the city of Limeira in São Paulo , where it is established  up to this moment, strategically located in a total area of 13.000 m2 .

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