Scheerer Bearing routinely rebuilds bearings of every design from any manufacturer

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Have a bearing that’s seen better days?

Scheerer Bearing routinely rebuilds bearings of every design from virtually any manufacturer.


Quality is a word Scheerer Bearing takes very seriously. Our products are operationally critical to the industries that use them. We build our products responsibly to maximize operational efficiencies and production capacity. While Scheerer is a major manufacturer of standard and custom bearings, we are also a leading rebuilder of bearings.

Bearing Rebuilding vs. Replacement: The Advantage is Obvious

Scheerer Bearing can typically rebuild a large bearing and deliver it to you in a fraction of the time required to manufacture a new bearing. We also provide emergency repair service – sometimes within a 24-hour period.

Rebuilding can save up to 60% of the cost of a new bearing. Keeping an eye on the bottom-line is good business, and we find that customers with large bearing investments are looking to us to help them maximize the service lifetime of their bearings and their heavy machinery. A scheduled reconditioning of critical bearing components ensures business operations stay on schedule at maximum output.

A Reputation for Quality, Service, and Craftsmanship
Scheerer Bearing has been manufacturing and rebuilding industrial bearings for five decades. We have the knowledge and experience required to service bearings of virtually every design, material, and operating environment.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with precision machinery run by technical experts, engineers and finishing experts who work exclusively in bearing manufacture and reconstruction.

Serving All Major Industries
Whether your application is earth moving, mining, pulp and paper manufacturing, wind energy, oil drilling, steel, utilities, material handling, or transportation, we can reduce your downtime with our high-efficiency quick-turnaround rebuild and reconditioning program.

We Routinely Rebuild Ultra-large Bearings up to 100 in. O.D.
Our rebuild capabilities include radial ball and roller bearings, ball and roller thrust bearings from 2 inch I.D. to 100 inch O.D. in many different designs and materials. Scheerer will rebuild any type or style of bearing from any manufacturer.

You Know in Advance What You Are Getting and How Much it Will Cost
When you send us your bearings, our technicians inspect them thoroughly on arrival. A simplified rating system is used to determine the work needed to restore the bearing’s operational parameters and a firm estimate is prepared.

Bearings typically show wear and surface distress caused by contamination, abrasion, corrosion or breakdown of lubricants. Even bearings that have been properly maintained, have undergone repeated stress cycles and may be verging on fatigue.

At the initial inspection stage, a technician disassembles and cleans the bearing, checking for cracks, spalling, heavy pitting, rust and hardness. The races are then checked for flatness and out of round conditions. The technician then determines if the bearing is a candidate for rebuilding and reconditioning. If the bearings are beyond repair we will contact you to see if you want to scrap the bearings or have them returned.

Work Procedure
After the bearings pass an initial inspection, a work procedure is determined and the customer is provided with a firm estimate. Upon receipt of your purchase order, we begin the rebuilding process.

Regrinding of Races
The bearing races are ground to remove material on ball or roller path to new tolerances. Scheerer Bearing will install oversized balls or rollers to achieve original internal clearance. If necessary, cage pockets are remachined to match ball or roller size alterations.

Specialized Assembly and Final Inspection
At the final inspection stage, the rebuilt bearing is assembled with oversize balls or rollers to compensate for the material removed during the raceway grinding. The remanufactured bearing is identical to the original bearing geometry, tolerances, and load carrying capacity. Internal clearances, out of roundness, and taper are gauged for accuracy.

Packaging and Shipping
Finished assembled bearings are coated with a corrosion inhibitor to prevent rust and wrapped for storage until ready for service.

How to Inspect Your Bearings for Rebuilding
• Thoroughly clean the bearing with an oil and grease-cutting solvent.
• Visually check for cracks and major spalling.
• If no major damage is evident, contact Scheerer Bearing Corporation, Bearing Rebuilding Division, 800-443-5252, [email protected],

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