Spherical roller bearings with ‘The Largest Load Rating in the World’

The spherical roller bearing is the “work horse” of the industry. This bearing type primarily supports radial loads. It has two rows of barrel-shaped rollers, which conform closely to the raceways. This conformity, along with the size and number of rollers, gives the spherical roller bearing its heavy-duty load carrying capacity.

SRBwbThere are generally two basic designs for spherical roller bearings. A symmetric roller design, that uses a floating center guide flange that allows longer rollers to be used, which directly increases the radial load capacity of the bearing. The asymmetric roller design has fixed guide flanges on the inner ring. This design allows for greater thrust capacity and provides a more true rolling motion and is used almost exclusively on larger bearings.

SRBdesignSpherical roller bearings are generally available with two different cage designs, stamped steel and machined bronze depending in the size of the bearing. Spherical roller bearings are almost always manufactured with a groove around the center of the outer ring with three holes leading to the inside of the bearing. These holes feed either oil or grease into the working surfaces of the bearing.

EX Series
The Largest Load Rating in the World

50~100%* greater basic rating life under an equal loading condition
(* : compared with NACHI conventional design)

Wide Operating Temperature Range
series bearings are subjected to a newly developed heat stabilization and can be used at 200oC operating temperature with minimal dimensional changes and no life reduction.

About The Company

Nachi-BuildingwbNACHI-FUJIKOSHI was founded as a tool manufacturer in the City of Toyama in December 1928 based on founder Kohki Imura’s philosophy that “Domestic ability to produce machine tools is fundamental to the development of Japan’s machine industry.”  Ten years after its founding, the firm set up a steel mill and established an integrated production system covering aspects from materials to the final product. Then, the firm expanded its operations into the fields of tools and bearing based on its quality materials.  No other company in the world is so involved in machining equipment like tools, robots, bearings, hydraulic equipment, and materials.

Corporate Name : Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation
Founded : December 21, 1928
Head Office : Tokyo, JAPAN
Capital : 16,000 million yen ( € 139 million )
NACHI Group : 53 companies
Group Associates : 5,500 ( 54 companies )
: 2,620 ( Non-Consolidated )
Consolidated Net Sales : 134,800 million yen ( € 1,172 million )
Overseas Sales : 50,600 million yen ( € 440 million )

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