New standard in high precision bearing performance: the patented Grooved Roller Bearing™ (GRB™)

Creative Motion Control of Bellevue, WA has released a line of bearings that will set a completely new standard in high precision bearing performance:  the patented Grooved Roller Bearing™ (GRB™).  

Grooved Roller Bearings20131118g2Due to its revolutionary design, the Grooved Roller Bearing dramatically increases the load capacity, and therefore the life expectancy of comparably sized bearings. The GRB will last 5 to 15 times longer than the competition. This is accomplished by using grooved rollers which create many more contact points in the same physical space as shown in the diagram below. This provides either for dramatic reduction in the replacement cost and down time for an exact replacement or for a much smaller and lighter envelope for the same load capacity.

Designaba) The contact points of an angular contact ball bearing duplex
b) By contrast, the multiple contact points of the GRB

The Grooved Roller Bearing is available in thrust, radial or combination configurations. It is perfectly suited for roller screw or ball screw linear motion applications.

exploded view GRB

Exploded view of standard GRB

The GRB can also handle extremely high speeds (currently rated at 650,000 DN, and current testing is expected to prove speeds approaching 1,000,000 DN) such as those found in high speed spindle applications. Additionally, the alloy steel construction and the combo load capability provide excellent protection from catastrophic failure due to impact loads or unexpected radial loads.

35mm GRB

35mm GRB

CMC is proud to offer the GRB in ABEC 5 and 7 tolerance compliant solutions. In addition, customizations, integrated flanges, specific preload requirements, odd/large sizes, and specialty applications are always welcome. CMC’s engineering team will work with you to find a solution that works for your unique needs. Lead times are extremely reasonable for all sizes, including custom and large sizes.

70mm GRB

70mm custom flanged with pre-load

CMC is very excited to bring this new technology to a market that is ready for true inn ovation.  Go to for more details. Represented in Canada by RGW Sales Canada email [email protected]