NEW FORCE Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings

ZKL has developed its first types of Sealed spherical roller bearings. In the current year the range of sealed spherical roller bearings will be extended and the customers will be able to choose the bearings from our new catalogue „ZKL Sealed spherical roller bearings“, which will come out in May this year.

ZKL0092wbcntAdvantages of ZKL´s New Force sealed spherical roller bearings
ZKL NEW FORCE spherical roller bearings are well known and applied in all engineering branches. They are the result of a combination of various structural components, as for example the tilting possibility and a higher load capacity. Thanks to this, the bearings are considered an unmistakable part for many different applications.

ZKL_0073wbcntZKL´s sealed spherical roller bearings have the same inner construction as their unsealed counterparts and the seals are located on both their sides.

Lower maintenance requirements
ZKL sealed spherical bearings are ready for an immediate use, are lubricated with one of the best lubricants and their cleanliness in granted by the two contact seals on both the sides of the bearing. Since for this type of bearings there is no need to add lubricant, they are practically considered as maintenance free for many applications.

ZKL_0102wbcntIncreased reliability 
Cleanliness inside the bearing is a key factor for its service life. Even small particles may have a negative effect. Using sealed spherical roller bearings grants them to be protected against humidity and impurities which might get into the inner side of the bearing.

Reduced lubricant consumption
The contact seals on both sides grant that the bearing always has a sufficient quantity of grease.

In many cases the service life of the lubricant is longer than the one of the bearing or of its application and therefore there is no need for further re-lubricating.

ZKL_0074wbcntApplication of sealed spherical roller bearings
The sealed spherical roller bearings are used mainly for applications with a greater presence of impurities and humidity from the surroundings.

Environmentally friendly
Users of sealed spherical roller bearings can reduce the costs for the purchase and disposal of the grease. An equally important factor is that these bearings can positively affect the impact on the environment generated by the machine while working.

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