A Case Study: How to improve the performance of your Pump Motor with Bearings

This case study is performed by mr.Selcuk Karabay, reliability engineer of STARWOOD Inc.

The hot oil pump motor which was used for the press machine reached operational temperatures between 90-100 ° C. The vacuum pump motor stopped working continuously and reached temperatures between 100-110 ° C.

In addition the high temperature bearings failed after six months because of the complications connected to high operation temperature.


tested hot oil pump motor


tested vacuum pump motor

Rout Cause:
After analyzing the situation our reliability staff concluded that the air circulation around the ‘hot spots’ was not sufficient enough to cool down the operational temperature of the pump motors.


thermal camera screenshots of the tested hot oil pump motor


thermal camera screenshots of the tested vacuum pump motor

High temperature bearings were installed on the pump motors in order to solve the problem. The adapted operational conditions were monitored for six months.


heating process of the bearing before mounting on the motors

The problems caused by the operation process/surrounding equipment temperatures were improved and the continuous break downs stopped. Nachi high temperature bearings were installed to all ‘hot oil’ and ‘vacuum’ pump motors on the production site.

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