Optimized bearing for encoders and motors


Encoders and sensors require expertise and precision. Specialist bearing manufacturer, JESA, who are able to produce bearings with the performance, quality and ensures reliability as required by the customer.

Discover the benefits of bearings from Jesa encoder in our new case study bearings.


  • The usage of standard bearings for encoders and motors should be analysed in detail. These components should not slow the rest of the system down or increase the friction in the equipment or installation.


  • Optimise the rolling friction of standard bearings.
  • Selecting application specific internal bearing design, materials, cage, grease, grease volume together with repeatable quality and tolerance standards.


  • An optimised standard bearing according to the needs of the customer.
  • The option to offer a customer specific solution by choosing exact specifications and product markings

Customer benefits

  • A quality control process chain with managed logistics.
  • Quality bearings with reliability and repetitiveness.
  • JESA has a presence and service throughout the world


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