Remote diagnostics of ZKL bearings

ZKL is willing to offer its clients complex service on all levels. We do not provide only the product itself, but also affiliated services during whole durability life of a bearing. This cycle includes the proposal and production of a bearing, distribution to the client, as well as the maintenance, assembling manuals, staff training or assistance during assembly both in the Czech Republic and the foreign plants. The absolute novelty in our portfolio is remote diagnostics of ZKL bearings.

ZKLdiaognostics02wbcntIn few years the diagnostic systems will form inseparable part of key machineries cross all industrial sectors. Thanks to running analysis and early diagnostics these systems could reduce unexpected interruption of operation and keep constant productivity. The target of the predictive maintenance is to gain uninterrupted operation and full capacity of the machinery. Same the service allows planning an interruption of operation according to client´s preference, for example during a public holiday.

Following the clients´ requirements and innovative approach ZKL initiated the construction of proper diagnostic unit for roller bearings. In the first phase the diagnostic unit for special and large-size bearings will be developed. Consequently ZKL Group will concentrate on diagnostic units for railway industry.

The remote diagnostic system for roller bearings ZKL CMPM (Condition Monitoring Predictive Maintenance) will open the predictive maintenance of supplied bearings. The main advantage of this method is continual monitoring, that enables early intervention abreast with savings of personal capacities.

ZKLdiaognostics01wbcntThe ZKL CMPM is formed by 2 elements – diagnostic unit installed at the customer and ZKL sever. The data are continuously send and monitored by the ZKL Research & Development diagnostic department. The specialists analyze the ability of competent operation until next planned interruption of operation, recommend eventual maintenance, grease refilling, balancing of the machinery etc. The unit normally executes scanning of vibrations and temperature of the bearings. For more demanding applications it could be enriched with more functional and processional quantities. The communication between unit and server is realized via internet connection.

At the moment the system testing in real operation of our industrial partners is held. The examinations of diagnostic unit form part of the project for optimization of a gearbox construction for jack-up of oil flats. The diagnostic unit is verified during the lifetime test of the gear unit. With its assistance the condition of all bearings set made by ZKL Brno and ZKL Klášterec nad Oh?í is monitored. Acquired data will serve for optimization and development of gearboxes for our customer and ZKL bearings. So it would help in following progress of ZKL CMPM diagnostic unit.


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