ZKL Large Size Bearings for Mining Industry

ZKL is dispatching nowadays 3 types of large size bearings for key customers from the mine industry segment. These bearings have the denomination of PLC 512-39, PLC 612-45.T3 and PLC 412-64.T3.

The PLC 512-39 bearing was delivered to important Czech mining company. This spherical, cross-split roller bearing has large size and is used for the shaft imposition in the mining lift that transports the spoil above ground.In the comparison with the standard bearings the cross-split bearing can be mounted in markedly shorter time. The time saving can reach even couple days.

The operation of this bearing is constantly monitored by the ZKL vibration diagnostics. The diagnostic unit primarily controls the vibrations progress trend, the operation temperature is observed secondary.The aim of this monitoring is to reveal the damage of a bearing already in the inception phase. This enables more effective planning of service intervals and contextual costs savings.


Special bearings denoted PLC 612-45.T3 and PLC 412-64.T3, destined for the imposition of main cylinders in vertical mills, form part of one of the project executed for a Chinese customer. PLC 612-45.T3 is double row tapered roller bearing with pin-type cage and X arrangement of the rolling elements. PLC 412-64.T3 is a single row cylindrical roller bearing with massive, brass cage.

The vertical mills are employed for the cement production on the basis of primary rock milling.The bearings work in very demanding condition such as high level load, eminent slack action and temperature up to 200°C. Both products are produced in P5 precision and they have case-hardened rolling elements.


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