Bearings for the Food and Beverage Industry

Whether it is a trip to the beach, hanging out poolside, or heading to a ball game, you are always looking for ways to keep cool in the summer months. The same goes for your food and drinks; you want to keep them as cold as possible. You might pack them in a cooler or keep a refrigerator close by. Even the food and beverage packaging companies analyze how best to preserve their products when faced with higher temperatures.[1]

Keeping items cool, however, is not the only item on board for food and beverage packagers. In fact, there are numerous initiatives taking place in this industry. The issue of sustainability, and finding packaging that meets all standards and is environmentally-friendly as well, is one of the hottest topics in packaging today. Companies are beginning to look at renewable packaging that leaves zero waste, as well as materials that are lighter in weight.[2] Bacardi also recently announced it is now using PET materials for its bottles, which are now recyclable. This cuts the packaging weight by 90%.[3]

The industry is also facing proposed legislation and regulations concerning certain contaminants in food packaging; specifically regarding BPA, as seen in this Plastics Today article. Manufacturers and packagers alike are looking at all steps of the production process in order to ensure the integrity of the products and industry standards are met.

This is where PEER Bearing steps in. Our stainless steel bearing units are corrosion resistant and FDA/USDA compliant, making them a perfect fit for the food and beverage industry. Used in various machines in the packaging production line (such as conveyor lines, bottling, etc), the bearings are designed for anti-contamination purposes, which is essential to food and beverage manufacturers. They come with either stainless or thermoplastic housings, depending on how harsh the environment. As this Food Production Daily article notes, it’s important that sustainability is a part of the entire production cycle. PEER is doing our part with our bearings.

When you are enjoying your cool food and drinks this summer, you know that they stayed cool – literally and figuratively—throughout the entire production process.

PEER Bearing