Carter Manufacturing discuss Thin Section Bearings and how they reduce cost

Leading providers of premium bearing solutions, Carter Manufacturing, discuss the function of thin section bearings and how they reduce cost.

Thin section ball bearings have been created for situations where there are strict space limitations. They are designed with a number of widths and thicknesses whilst manufactured with a wide range of bore diameters. Standard ball bearings are usually designed so that as the bore size increases the width and thickness of the bearing change proportionately. Thin section bearings on the other hand have a cross section that remains the same as the bore diameter increases.


The thin section bearing family is made up of around 8 primary cross sectional sets. The combination of a large bore diameter in proportion to the small cross section makes these parts seem “thin” in comparison to the standard ball bearings. They are created using 52100 chrome steel as well as 440C stainless steel. It is also imperative to note that thin section bearings are made in one of three different internal geometrical contact styles; radial contact, 4 point contact and angular contact. These options make for a very diverse range which can offer solutions to a wide number of engineering applications.

Silverthin thin section bearings can help reduce the total cost of a system by allowing more room for design efficiency over standard bearing sizes. The fact that these cross sections do not change as bore size increases means there needs to be no alteration to enlarge space requirements. Using a thin section bearing means there is little change in the weight of the application overall even as the diameter of the bearing is increased.

Equipment such as medical, airborne, optical and infrared scanning equipment will benefit from the flexibility of reduced bearing space and weight, whilst also factoring in reduced manufacturing cost. The actual price of a thin section bearing is initially higher than a standard bearing but after accounting for the reduction in space and lower weight, systems engineers and designers make an overall saving.

As experts in thin section bearings, Carter Manufacturing truly believe in the benefits the thin section bearings could have for engineering designers and high end applications. A spokesperson for the Company made the following statement: “Ultimately, thin section bearings have the potential to save customers a lot of money. Their intelligent design makes room for impressive amounts of space, size and weight saving benefits. There are also plenty of options which allow these bearings to be adapted for special environments.

“With the flawless cross-section design, customers can now use thin section ball bearings in a way that does not impose numerous restrictions. In the current economy, making savings where possible is imperative, which is why we recommend considering thin section bearings for any systems that are applicable.”

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