Koyo solid lubrication technology

Koyo Bearings, a division of JTEKT Corporation, has been recently expanding its business of NRB’s which are submitted with solid lube.

Koyo’s solid lubrication technology for which development activities started more than 10 years ago, was originally applied to bearings for the textile machine industry mainly, but is now finding its way to other areas of application as well.

Koyo solid lubrication appears to be especially successful in applications where small oscillating movements or high loads in combination with moderate speed apply. Since the rollers are encapsulated in lubrication mass; even the smallest rotations will always be made with optimum lubrication.


Our customers are increasingly focusing on “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO), instead of looking at the bearing purchasing price only. They understand that the small additional initial investment to get their bearings filled with solid lube, more than pays back in terms of longer bearing life, less maintenance effort, repair costs and equipment downtime.

Koyo’s solid lubrication is inserted into the bearing in an injection molding machine. Therefore some investment into tooling is required for each bearing type & size. As a consequence this technology has proven to be mainly interesting for serial production applications with sufficient volumes to justify the (small) investment.

For any further information on Koyo’s solid lubrication technology and its possible applications; please do not hesitate to contact us directly via: [email protected]