Innovative assembly process proves its worth

Anxious to constantly improve the production steps for its products, JESA, the Swiss manufacturer and developer of ball-bearing and plastic injection solutions, has developed an assembly process that is already proving its worth. Meeting with Marcel Dubey, Director Sales & Marketing at JESA.


Dynamic mechanical unit assembled by injection in 10 seconds instead of 1.5 minutes

Well-known in various market segments such as automobiles, industry, medicine, consumer goods and construction, Fribourg company JESA based at Villars-sur-Glâne and a market player for more than 40 years, is positioning itself as a supplier of innovative solutions in the market for precision ball-bearings containing engineering or hybrid polymers. JESA is responsible for all stages in the process, from design to industrialization to production.


Multiple-insert plastic injection mould for assembling several components in a single operation

“In the fast-growing automotive sector, for example, JESA figures in most mechanisms for Xenon headlamps and multi-directional LEDs. Together with the client, we’ve developed an integrated ball-bearing actuator which is an ideal combination of plastic and metal elements, with a landmark patent,” confides Marcel Dubey, Director Sales & Marketing at JESA.

Innovative new production process

JESA has implemented a new assembly procedure in order to optimize its manufacturing process for large volumes of complex units (several million pieces/year). Developed just 4 years ago by the company’s team of experts, this manufacturing process has already proven itself in the automotive market. In fact, it allows the production of complete units at a competitive price and a significant reduction in costs, as well as eliminating no fewer than 5 assembly steps.


JESA solution

That’s a time savings of more than 50%. It also allows for just one supplier of a sub-assembly instead of five, and reduces waste by replacing injection moulding – no mean feat in a world increasingly focused on ecology. “This process allows the units to be assembled in a single step rather than the usual five or six. In addition to optimal precision and repeatability, the time saved is enormous and gives us a certain competitive advantage,” says Marcel Dubey excitedly, adding, “this new assembly process is aimed mainly at the textile and automotive markets with their especially high quality, price and volume targets.”

Success rewarded

JESA has manufactured no fewer than 3 million units over the past 4 years using this fully automatic line. “The geographic proximity and tradition of innovation in Germany are the key to this success. This is especially so because our two main markets, automobiles and textiles, are very well represented there,” explains Marcel Dubey.

The process gained recognition in 2012-2013 when it won the prize for innovation (SME category) of the Canton of Fribourg.

Having exhibited at the Hanover Fair last April, JESA will be present at ITMA, the world’s largest fair for the textile industry, in Milan this coming November. It will present its latest innovations there.


Marcel Dubey, Director Sales & Marketing at JESA


JESA headquarters at Villars-sur-Glâne in the Swiss canton of Fribourg (Switzerland)

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