NSK Europe teamed up with TraceParts to publish its CAD models

CAD models from 29 different bearing producers are available for free in different CAD formats on the BearingNEWS page of the TracePartsOnline.net platform. You can click here to check-out.

Saint-Romain, France, 22 July 2015 – NSK Europe, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bearings and linear motion technology for all industrial sectors, explains why the company teamed up with TraceParts to publish the CAD models of its parts.

NSK chose TraceParts so as to offer its customers an online CAD library of its bearings and linear motion parts.



Mickael MIREK, who is in charge of this project, explains the reasons behind the decision:

We were looking for a 3D solution to develop our digital catalog on a European scale. In response to a request from one of our key accounts, we entered into a partnership with TraceParts to produce our component library, available in different market standards and CAD formats via our own website (NSK Europe – www.nskeurope.com) and via the TracePartsOnline.net portal.

“TraceParts’ worldwide presence and excellent search engine optimization were key factors in our decision to collaborate on this project. The solutions provided by TraceParts increase our products’ visibility on the market and, above all, provide design offices with simple, efficient design tools,” explains Mickael MIREK, Key Account Manager at NSK.

You will find more information about downloading CAD data for bearings at traceparts.com/pcs/bearings/

Consult NSK Europe’s complete product range at www.nskeurope.com