ALC Tournai, a Leading Supplier of Plain Bearings

ALC Tournai specializes in the design, production and maintenance of rotating equipment for heavy industry, and provides its expertise – acquired through more than a hundred years of experience – to major industrial companies worldwide.


Thanks to its know-how in the White Metal field, ALC Tournai can easily respond to particular demands of the heavy industry.

ALC Tournai specializes in the manipulation of antifriction metal.

  • With more than 1500 operating units through the world, ALC Tournai command bearings are particularly well adapted to the heavy industry rotating machines, and to its tough operating conditions. They are renowned for their high quality and very long service life, which reflect many decades of research and development.
  • Mastering the cast and adhesion techniques of the babbitt, ALC Tournai offers a wide range of new products along with services of revamping (of the white metal lining) and replacement of existing equipment.

ALC Tournai can produce a broad spectrum of pieces requiring babbitt lining, in many industrial sectors.


ALC Tournai – Range of Plain Bearings

For more than 60 years, ALC Tournai has developed a range of plain bearings with standard diameters ranging from 200 mm to 400 mm. The bearings possess a bush mounted on a ball adapted to support the pinion shaft of the gear drive. For uses in rotating mills and kilns, ALC has the appropriate models. Bearings work in pair. Taking into account the size, load and rotation speed, they are designed to allow a perfect lubrication of the bearing and respond to the transmission shaft behaviors.



ALC bearings have diameters ranging from 200 to 400 mm, and thus respond to the specific requirements of most of the transmission shafts of rotating machines.

ALC white metal bearings’ main benefits are:

  • An easy and fast assembly
  • An excellent tolerance to shaft behaviors: ALC ball bearings can adjust to the different shaft movements to reach optimum stress distribution in the bearing. The bearings are wear- and vibration-resistant. If the lubrication is correctly carried out, wear is close to zero, reaching a very long service life.
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Unrivaled service life
  • Low maintenance
  • Product manufactured with independent spare parts. The benefit is to have the possibility to replace one piece with another without replacing the whole product. Disassembly can be effected as quickly as assembly.


Babbitt Advantages

  • The major benefit of a ball bearing with white metal coating is the load restoration capacity for low rotation speeds. The laying area is much more important, therefore the stress distribution is more uniform.
  • With an adequate lubrication of the bearings, a very low friction coefficient is reached. ALC bearings are designed to function normally in a hydrodynamic regime with a sufficient safety margin to keep an adequate oil film.
  • Operationalsafety: In case of major problems, the white metal, which is a low melting point alloy, melts. ALC Tournai plain bearings will not suddenly break, which would thus avoid more important damages – particularly on the shaft seat – or an unexpected and very expensive machine stop. Bearing parts being independent, it is possible to refill white metal (less expensive than a new bearing).
  • The alloy used is composed of lead. A lead alloy is more fragile than a tin one, but more adapted to low rotation speeds.


ALC Tournai – Babbitt Services

Taking advantage of its mastery of the cast Babbitt know-how, ALC Tournai proposes to assist its clients in the repair of any type of pieces –medium-sized to very large pieces– with an antifriction metal lining.



With the mastery of rod and static casting techniques, ALC Tournai offers the most economical repair or replacement solution.

  • Exterior lining of compressor cross
  • Bearings/Bushed/Complete blocks of rolling trains
  • Crusher bushes
  • Command bearings
  • Drive bearings of high dimensions
  • Hydrodynamic pads
  • Electric motor bushes



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