Steenox, the new high-tech anti-corrosion steel

Always at the forefront of technology, JESA again proves innovative thanks to the use of our new high-tech anti-corrosion steel, Steenox.

Steenox is a ground-breaking combination of a martensitic stainless steel and a special heat treatment. This technology increases the performance of the material, both in terms of fatigue- and corrosion-resistance.

The new steel, Steenox, is the solution for use in bearings in a particularly corrosive environment where service life is critical.

Compared to conventional stainless bearing steel, AISI 440C (DIN 1.4125), a salt-spray test demonstrated 15 to 20 times superior resistance to corrosion.


Annex 1: JESA solution made of Steenox

Steenox, the ideal solution for the specific needs of the food industry

In recent years, the demands in terms of speed, caustic cleaning agents or loads have increased steadily. Cam followers deteriorate in a short time due to heavy loads and a very aggressive environment (appearance of rust on stainless steel). The ideal solution to this problem? The use of Steenox, an extremely resistant stainless steel.

This technology is currently used with a variety of bearings and has clearly shown its strengths for our customers in the food industry. Steenox has been used with custom-made bearings where increased resistance to corrosion is critical in an aggressive environment.


Annex 2: JESA headquarters at Villars-sur-Glâne in the Swiss canton of Fribourg (Switzerland)

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