The Powerhouse in compact form: New Simalube IMPULSE Pressure Booster

Now available! simalube® IMPULSE is the perfect complement to the well-established simalube lubricator – wherever high pressure is required. It has no problem overcoming counterpressures of up to 10 bar, making it the perfect solution for high counterpressure and long lubrication lines. Simply affix the simalube® IMPULSE to the lubrication point, then screw on the required simalube lubricator and activate it for the desired dispensing time. The simalube® IMPULSE requires no additional adjustments and the LED display continuously signals its proper functioning. Once it is completely empty, the simalube® IMPULSE can be used multiple times if it is equipped with a new simalube lubricator and battery pack.


simalube IMPULSE – pressure booster up to 10 bar

Impressive functionality

The simalube® IMPULSE, together with simalube lubricators in sizes of 60, 125 or 250 ml, ensures reliable lubrication when faced with high counterpressure and lubrication lines of up to four metres. Continuous lubrication impulses of 0.5 ml supply the lubrication point with oil or grease up to NLGI 2 at a pressure of up to 10 bar. This action is gentle on the lubricant, as only the dosing volume is placed under pressure. The intelligent pressure booster also continually signals its operating state. When properly installed, the LED indicator on the simalube® IMPULSE flashes green at regular intervals. Red flashes signal overpressure, inactive and empty conditions.


The simalube IMPULSE with a 125 ml lubricator is used in gravel plants. The IMPULSE pushes the lubricant with a pressure of 10 bar through a 4-metre lubrication line.

Easy to install and use

The simalube® IMPULSE starts operating as soon as a battery pack is inserted and the lubricator is screwed on. The simalube lubricator sets the dispensing intervals. Its dispensing time may be corrected at any time and the simalube® IMPULSE will automatically adjust to the new dispenser setting. When changing a lubricator, the simalube® IMPULSE remains firmly affixed to the lubrication point. It must only be ensured that a fresh battery pack will be inserted before screwing on a new simalube lubricator. Therefore, the connection point remains sealed during the change of the lubricator and there is no back-flow of lubricant.


A maintenance specialist installs the simalube IMPULSE at the end of a long lubrication line at a convenient working and monitoring height (at 3.5 m above the ground the lubrication point is unreachable).

Exceptionally versatile and – thanks to its reusability – very cost-efficient

The compact size of the simalube® IMPULSE enables installations in the smallest of spaces and in all positions, even underwater. As an IP68 protection class device, the pressure booster is dustproof, waterproof and suitable for use in a wide range of industries. Equipped with a new battery pack at each refilling, the simalube® IMPULSE can be used for ten dispensing cycles of simalube 125 ml or for up to three years.

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