Mounting tools offered as part of NSK’s AIP+

As part of its new AIP+ Added Value Programme, NSK can now offer a range of mounting and dismounting tools to ensure that all bearings are handled and fitted correctly, without damage. Having the right tools for the job ensures that bearings are assembled and dismantled safely and efficiently.


NSK mounting and dismounting tools are available as part of the company’s AIP+ Added Value Programme

To obtain optimum performance, bearings must be fitted correctly, both on to a shaft and into a housing. Due to the fact that one ring of the bearing will have an interference fit, installation requires special tools so that the necessary force is applied evenly to the fitted ring. Alternatively, heat can be applied to achieve assembly, again using NSK tools supplied as part of AIP+.

Unfortunately, many companies are guilty of not using the correct tools or techniques, leading to the bearing being damaged during the assembly or the removal process. This can range from indentations in the bearing raceways, through to seal deformation and even bearing ring cracks. Similarly, damage to the bearing and its surrounding components during removal can be costly and cause problems with future assembly. In all such cases, the bearing will not perform according to its designed service life, causing premature machine failure and high maintenance costs.

To overcome these issues, NSK now offers a complete range of specialist tools that ensure the bearing can be fitted and removed correctly. These high quality tools have been designed to match the quality of the company’s bearings, and can be complemented by NSK training courses that teach engineers to develop safe and efficient assembly procedures.

There are several ways of assembling bearings depending on their design and that of the machinery to which they are fitted: cold assembly using mechanical tools – typically for small and medium bearings where even force is applied to achieve the required fit; hydraulic assembly, where the use of hydraulic tools delivers the degree of force needed to ensure the correct fit of larger bearings – particularly relevant for bearings fitted to a tapered shaft or sleeve; and heated assembly, which uses heat to expand the bearing rings, resulting in an easy sliding fit for the bearing over the shaft.

NSK offers a range of mechanical tools that are dedicated to its bearings. As well as simple spanner wrenches designed for locknut fitting and removal on taper bore and sleeve assemblies, the company can also supply complete fitting tool kits and bearing puller kits.

Hydraulic tool users can select from a range of hydraulic pushers, pullers and press plates, along with hydraulic nuts, which apply greater force progressively and parallel to the shaft for larger bearings. A range of accompanying hydraulic pumps is also available.

For hot assembly, NSK can provide a range of compact and efficient induction heaters in different sizes based on weight and power requirements. Heaters can be supplied to suit bearings up to 1200kg in weight, and the series includes both automatic temperature-based and time-based controller modules.


NSK mounting and dismounting tools ensure that all bearings are handled and fitted correctly

For those who rely on NSK bearings, it is imperative to use NSK tools as this is the only way to ensure correct assembly and disassembly. All NSK mounting tools are now in stock ready for dispatch. If required, a package can offered that includes training in how to use the tools correctly and achieve best practice fitting and removal.

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