High Performance Plain Bearings for Aerospace

For nearly 50 years, GGB has been providing the aerospace industry with high performance plain bearings to meet stringent demands for a higher level of safety and lighter weight. Certified to the AS 9100C quality standard, we fulfill the industry’s quality management system requirements for the manufacture of metal-backed aerospace bearings and fiber reinforced composite bearings and washers, while offering full traceability as well as dimensional and material certification as standard.


Today, all major manufacturers of commercial and military aircraft as well as their Tier-1 suppliers rely on GGB for light weight, maintenance-free bearings for both fixed and rotary-wing aircrafts.

Our aircraft bearing solutions are used across a broad range of aerospace applications from landing gear, flight controls and engines, to passenger seating and a wide variety of made-to-measure applications for the Aerospace industry:

  • Landing Gear Strutsaerospace_01
  • Wing Flap Actuators
  • Hydraulic Fuel Pumps
  • Flight Control Systems
  • Electric Actuators
  • Engines
  • Aircraft Interiors:
    • Seat Mechanisms
    • Overhead Baggage Compartments
    • Cargo Bay Floors
    • Latches
    • Hinges

The GGB Team of Experts have the experience and expertise to integrate the specific requirements of our customers, offering high-quality performance, safety, quality, reliability, and customer support. With a corporate culture of continuous improvement and best practices, GGB is committed to meeting customer demands, striving to deliver both quality control with on-time delivery and zero defects.


GGB provides custom solutions for aerospace bearings to some of the world’s leading names, as well as their Tier-1 suppliers including:

Our customers demand the industry’s highest levels of quality certification, requiring suppliers to comply with stringent quality standards. GGB meets all of these needs, certified to the aerospace industry’s AS 9100C quality management system.

Boeing currently requires all suppliers to comply with its own quality management system, which includes many of the AS9100 requirements. General Electric Aircraft Engines was among the first manufacturers to require direct material suppliers to comply with AS9100 and now requires all new suppliers to be certified to AS9100 requirements.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory used aerospace bearings manufactured by GGB when constructing the Curiosity rover, currently exploring the surface of Mars. Three DU® metal-polymer bearing segments were used in the percussion mechanism for the MSL Drill. The bearings were used in three places in the design.

Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd. Co. KG has certified GGB Heilbronn as a provider of precision machining, bearings and thrust washers. Offering complete development, production and in-service support for aircraft engines, Rolls-Royce customers include more than 500 airlines, 4,000 corporate aircraft operators, 160 armed forces and more than 2,000 marine customers, in addition to energy customers in nearly 120 countries.


GGB self-lubricating bearings meet the industry’s requirements for light-weight, high-load capacity, low cross-section and wide temperature range, providing substantial space and weight savings, reduced material costs and long service life, GGB customers benefit from a great number of advantages:

Weight and space reduction

  • GGB plain bearings can often replace larger, heavier, lubricated metal bearings with aerospace_03more compact, lighter, cleaner bearings for essential weight and space savings.

Enhanced energy efficiency

  • Low friction materials reduce power losses for increased output and efficiency.

Improved strength & safety, reduced noise

  • With no moving parts, our bearings enhance safety and provide quieter operation with a higher load capacity, greater shock resistance as well as low friction and high wear resistance.

Increased operating temperatures

  • GGB bearings can operate in temperatures ranging from -200oC to 280oC (-330oF to 540oF).

Comprehensive customer support

  • Our specialists have the experience and expertise to provide innovative, cost-effective and reliable solutions to the most challenging applications.

GGB customers benefit from our short lead times to immediately reduce maintenance downtime and inventory carrying costs, while our global production platform is ideally positioned to serve this worldwide industry efficiently and professionally.

To meet specific application needs, we provide a vast range of standard or custom bearings designed for the aerospace industry offering numerous benefits and GGB high performance bearings can replace larger, heavier, lubricated metal bearings in many applications. With no moving parts, our bearings have a greater margin of safety, bigger load capacity, higher shock resistance and quieter operation than roller bearings.

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