GGB-SHB™ Case Hardened Steel Bearings

Heavy-duty performance for demanding applications


  • New GGB-SHB™ case hardened steel bearings deliver greater wear resistance while the interior remains ductile and resistant to cracking.
  • Special alloy contains manganese and vanadium for improved strength and toughness, increased hardening rate and higher wear resistance.

The new GGB-SHB™ case hardened steel bearings feature 0.8 — 1.0 mm hardened exterior surface (58-62 HRC rating) over a comparatively ductile 20 MnV6 steel core. Because the surface of the bearing is hardened and tempered through a multi-step heat treating process, it exhibits hardness greater than that of the core portion for reliable performance under load or after receiving a heavy shock.

GGB-SHB™ plain bearings are available in cylindrical, flanged and special configurations designed for a wide range of applications, including earth moving equipment such as excavators and loaders; drilling equipment; farm machinery including power harrows, plows and rear excavators; construction equipment including grabs, buckets and grippers; and hydraulic cylinders.

Other applications include industrial washing machines, sliding guides for industrial presses and components for suction pumps, machine tools and automatic machines.

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