Huisman builds world’s largest bearings

Tuesday, January 17, 2017; Huisman, the worldwide specialist in lifting, drilling and subsea solutions, is currently producing world’s largest bearings at its production facility in China. These two, 30m diameter, bearings are meant for world’s largest Tub Cranes: the two 10,000mt Huisman designed cranes which are under construction for Heerema’s new semi-submersible crane vessel ‘Sleipnir’. Since 2012, Huisman has been successfully designing and constructing small bearings with a diameter up to 14m.

in-house production of 30m diameter bearings at Huisman China

Unlike traditional Tub Cranes, which make use of either bogies or large wheels for their slew system, the Huisman designed cranes make use of large bearings of own design which are manufactured in-house. The benefit of a bearing is that it allows for a substantial weight saving of the crane. The two bearings for the 10,000mt ‘Sleipnir’ Tub Cranes are segmented. The design of the bearings allows for inspection of the rollers without disassembly of the bearing. The assembly of the first bearing has been completed at Huisman China, the assembly of the second bearing is scheduled to start in March of this year.


source: Huisman