Carrying Heavy Loads Quite Easily

Nachi presents spherical roller bearings EXQ with worldwide highest load ratings which run at higher speeds and endure higher temperatures

Nachi’s high-grade spherical roller bearings series EXQ are designed to support shafts under challenging conditions. These bearings utilize significant higher load rates compared with competitors’ similiar bearings. In comparison to previous products these bearings take over up to 15 % higher loads. In addition they can run at 10 % higher speeds. They are designed with optimized curvature of raceways and rollers. Due to their special heat treatment these bearings can be used longterm in environmental temperatures up to 200 °C.

In general Nachi’s spherical roller bearings offer outstanding advantages for applications like sheet roller plants, papermills, printing presses, shredders, conveyors in mining industry, big-sized gears for wind-turbines, ship’s propulsion and similiar heavy duty machines. These bearings allow a deflection of the shaft up to 2° inclination angle of the inner ring of the bearing. They tolerate slight misalignments of the shaft which can occur e. g. when mounting big-sized machinery. Spherical roller bearings series EXQ sustain axial high loads up to 80 % of the radial load. Due to precise roller alignment and their cage that encloses the entire roller these bearings achieve a long service time.

In general, spherical roller bearings can easily be installed in all types of machines and plants. They are robust. Depending on the surrounding conditions their internal clearance can be justified using a tapered inner ring in combination with a tapered shaft.

Nachi offers its spherical roller bearings in a wide range of dimensions and designs to fit the demands of every application. That includes spherical roller bearings for shaft diameters from 25 mm to 180 mm as a standard, as an option up to more than 1000 mm shaft diameter. Additonally, Nachi offers designs with different types of cages made of steel or brass. Moreover, there are fully assembled bearing units available including housings and bearings.

Due to their high quality and outstanding technical features Nachi’s roller bearings are considered as market-leading in Asia in applications like automotive gears, construction machinery, cranes, packaging and textile machinery as well as in electic drives for automation.

In the year of its 50th anniversary Nachi Europe GmbH directs its focus on increasing its market shares in Europe. During Hannover Messe Industrie 2017 (Hannover Fair 2017) Nachi presented itself as a premium supplier of high quality roller bearings especially for applications in automotive industry, in construction machinery, in cranes and in electric drives for automation and robotics.


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