Groeneveld In The Agricultural Industry

Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions is mostly known for their automatic lubrication systems on trucks, trailers, wheel loaders and excavators. Nonetheless, automatic lubrication is beneficial on applications in a wide variety of sectors, including agriculture. Craig Saunders, owner and director of Saunders Farming in Australia, explains how and why.

“When we need to harvest we do not want to waste time checking machines to ensure they are lubricated. Since having Groeneveld’s SingleLine automatic greasing systems installed, even when my machines have not been in operation for long periods, I can just turn the machines on and off we go: no checking of grease, no extra maintenance, no down time. Having been in the farming industry for more than 30 years, I would strongly recommend anyone in the agricultural industry to invest in one of these systems,” is the explanation Craig Saunders, owner and director of Saunders Farming gives.

Added Value

Saunders Farming also recognise Groeneveld’s dedication in all areas, from the advice and expertise of their sales and installation technicians, through to the after sales communication and support: “The installation process was always timely. The duration of time I was advised it would take for installs was always accurate and true to plan. I was also impressed by the skills of the installation technician. He knew exactly how best to mount the systems on my machines without damage and unnecessary modifications such as extra drill holes and welding. Moreover, even after the installation, Groeneveld stayed in touch with us, offering a high level of support,” claims Craig Saunders.

The Right Solution For Any Application

“Saunders Farming use 3 main farming machines, a John Deere Sprayer and Cotton Picker and a Horwood Bagshaw Laser Bucket. Very complicated machines that have several lubrication points. We’ve installed our SingleLine system on all of these. It has proven to be a time effective investment for Saunders, as they can be sure that their equipment will remain well-greased under all circumstances, even during lengthy periods of no use. When they need to tend to harvest, they can do so quickly without wasting time checking grease on their machines,” adds Steve Danyluk, Area Sales Manager at Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions Australia.

About Saunders Farming

Saunders Farming is a privately owned company – established 44 years ago – initially growing cotton. Craig Saunders bought the company 12 years ago after the retirement of his parents. Under his supervision the operation has grown 30% over the last 12 years and they now grow chickpeas, mung beans and wheat in addition to cotton.