Boggie for Carton Folder Gluers


  • Reduced place and space to design the plating system of conveyed elements into the machine.
  • The use of standard components can not meet the needs of the application.
  • Ubiquitous cardboard dust and harmful to the bearings.
  • Need for a vibration-absorbing system.
  • An optimized lifetime of boggie to minimize downtime costs.
  • Ball bearings grease shall in no case be spread on cardboard.


  • Compact design to maximize space.
  • Integration of metal components where constraints are high.
  • Combination of plastic and metal with plays and friction optimization. Robust unit with reinforced polymer.


  • Custom design to meet customer needs.
  • Use of standard size bearings on a tailored hybrid assembly metal-plastic.
  • Choosing a self-lubricating plastic for extended lifetime.
  • Optimized grease and seals which prevent the grease to spreads out and prevent from the danger caused by the capillary effect on the carton dust on the ball bearings.
  • Use of an anticorrosion treatment for the axes.

Customer benefits

  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to low friction bearings.
  • Tailored compact unit for OEM.
  • Simplified logistics through the delivery of a complete set.
  • Guaranteed to avoid grease on the boxes. A longer life thanks to optimized materials choice.
  • Repeatability of execution and mastery internal bearings clearance.