HARP Doubles Warranty Storage Period for Bearing Products

From April, 2018 Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) doubles warranty storage period for ball and roller bearings for agricultural, automotive and general industries (HARP, HARP AGRO and HARP AUTO).

HARP guarantees preservation of all features and operational indicators of the product range, which is over 500 types of ball and roller bearings. The latest HARP developments – range of modern insert bearings UC (analogs of YAR), ES (YET), EX (YEL), HARP AGRO bearings with unique X-SHIELD sealing systems of higher tightness, bearings with high-temperature grease for application in large-scale industrial mills and many others.

“HARP always works on improving the products, what allows us to increase warranty storage period up to 24 months, – tells HARP General Director Vladimir Kokhanov. – This solution is based on positive dynamic of preserving operational characteristics, which we observe on the market last years”.  

It is necessary to point out that there is an efficient system of measures aimed to increasing of quality control at every production and storage level. HARP bearings undergo the full control, which includes over 50 parameters. In addition, every material, coming in for basic production, goes through input control and cycle of necessary tests.

HARP ball bearings are produced only from superpurity steel with decreased oxygen containing, which increases service lifetime of the bearing and decreases fatigue failures. In addition all working surfaces of HARP bearings are superfinished in order to decrease bearing heating, improve noise and vibroacoustic features and durability. The rollers with modified contact also improve operational features.

According to HARP General Director, the improving of production, quality control system and products storage allow to introduce new improved warranty conditions, which demonstrate confidence in HARP bearings, and also loyalty to the customers. He recalled that previously the warranty storage period was one year. “New standards of warranty policy will encourage further strengthen of HARP positions on the market”, – sums up Vladimir Kokhanov.


Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) is the CIS leading manufacturer of bearings and bearing units for agricultural engineering, railway and automotive industries. The products are presented in more than 20 countries of the world through official distributor of HARP – UPEC TRADING and dealers network in CIS, Middle East and Eastern Europe.