Spring Couplings from Torsion Control Products for Today’s Diesel Engines

Torsion Control Products (TCP) has developed a line of spring couplings specifically for modern diesel engines as used, for example, in construction machines and agricultural vehicles. These products attenuate torsional vibration, isolate resonance, protect against overload and shock, reduce noise, improve the service life of bearings and gears, and increase system durability. The spring couplings from US manufacturer TCP further extend the comprehensive product range of the Timken Mechanical Power Transmission Group.

Spring couplings have long been an integral component of powertrains. With their unique torsional characteristics, the TCP spring couplings are optimized for modern diesel engines that produce lower emissions and more power in smaller packages at lower operating speeds. They are typically used in construction machines, agricultural vehicles, mining equipment, marine powertrains and industrial equipment. The comprehensive range of TCP spring couplings is used in gearboxes, hydrostatic pump drives, power shifts and hybrid transmissions.

The all-steel construction of the spring couplings is space-efficient and ensures a long service life, while their performance remains consistent throughout the products’ lifespan. Ambient temperature has virtually no impact on the performance or durability of the couplings. They can be used in both lubricated and non-lubricated environments and continue to operate and attenuate drivetrain vibration in even the roughest applications.

With their Smart Damping system, the TCP spring couplings can be tuned to supply damping only when needed and pure isolation when damping is detrimental. This reduces torsional spikes at start up, shut down and transient events, improving durability and coupling life.

The TCP range of spring couplings covers a torque range from 27 to 27,000 Nm. Their multistage stiffness capability allows optimized system tuning and they have numerous installation and mounting options. Their integral shaft support capability eliminates the need for additional bearing support. The couplings can also be tailored to customer specifications and special requirements.

“Whether it is in construction, agricultural, mining, industrial or marine equipment, chances are we have a product that can address the needs of your application,” explains Dr. Peter Jaschke, Business Development Manager for TCP in Europe. “And if we don’t, we will create a customized solution just for you.”

Torsion Control Products has been developing and producing a wide range of torsionally soft  couplings for mobile machinery for more than 30 years. Since 2017, the power transmission specialist is part of Timken. Its integration in the Timken Mechanical Power Transmission Group has strengthened the global sales capability of TCP.