Mineral Circles Bearings Joins Key Automotive Aftermarket Players at Automechanika Frankfurt’s 25th Anniversary this 2018

Exploring new products, markets, and technology in the world’s leading automotive service event

23rd of April 2018, Dubai–After a successful decade with Automechanika Dubai, Mineral Circles Bearings (MCB) on its 34th year in the industry steps up its marketing efforts and trade show participation as it joins Automechanika Frankfurt from the 11th-15th of September 2018 at Frankfurt am Main’s hall 6.1, stand E05.

Aiming to obtain organic leads from a different breed of trade fair visitors, this move is a positive change for the company as it sets a unique approach in targeting quality clients, distributors, potential business partners, and investors primarily from Middle East and Africa (MEA).

As one of the few automotive bearing specialists to exhibit in the renowned biennial aftermarket trade fair, MCB gears to highlight a wide range of European, American, and Asian car applications of quality bearings along with most of its premium products such as grease, oil seals, and universal joints. With a new global approach to the market, MCB trusts that being hand in hand with Automechanika Frankfurt on its 25th year alongside major players in the aftermarket industry will set the cornerstone for a bigger and brighter future.

Products to watch out for

With a strong foothold on diverse applications, Mineral Circles Bearings offers the following aftermarket brands and solutions considerably for the MEA region:

  1. NTN bearings– Coming from an origin-centric market, Mineral Circles Bearings understands the importance of Japanese influence in the car manufacturing and aftermarket industries. As it prepares to welcome guests from the MEA region via Automechanika Frankfurt, expect only the best from NTN bearings. Made in Japan
  2. SNR automotive kits– Since its debut in Dubai in 2015, SNR kits have become one of the most successful aftermarket products for Mineral Circles Bearings, the sole automotive distributor in the UAE. This year, it tends to showcase the kits’ benefits and convenience, the main drivers that changed the mindset of the MEA customers for this range.
  3. NTN-SNR HEAVY DUTY EP3 High Load grease– In collaboration with NTN-SNR, Mineral Circles Bearings fulfilled the demand for extreme pressure grease for applications such as trucks and heavy duty vehicles. With NLGI grade 3 rating, its consistency and chemical composition suits Middle East and Africa’s humidity and hot temperatures.
  4. ILJIN wheel bearings and tapered roller bearings (TRB)– As the MEA region’s master distributor, trade show visitors will witness first-hand the quality and ingenuity of OE manufacturer ILJIN whose bearings fit most American and Korean applications. Interested parties are welcome for distributorship.
  5. KBC ball bearings & tapered roller bearings (TRB) – Schaeffler Group owned bearing brand takes center stage as it offers top of the line Korean-made products of a vast range of ball bearings and tapered roller bearings for many applications such as alternators, suspension, and tensioner pulleys.
  6. MBS 1st generation wheel bearings and clutch release bearings– Mineral Circles Bearings, as the master distributor, opens distributorship opportunities to the MEA region as it offers Japanese innovation and craftsmanship for a variety of leading car brands such as Toyota, Ford, GM, Volvo, Renault, and Mercedes-Benz.
  7. MCB automotive range– the MCB brand will be officially launched in the European market after a successful rebranding in 2017. Offering durable and affordable bearings, grease, and universal joints for a wide range of applications, it unveils competitive solutions not just for the automotive aftermarket but for the industrial and agricultural sectors as well. Distributorship is open for interested parties.

The future of B2B in Industry 4.0

Going digital is not anymore an option

As the world transitions to the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, the speed of technological innovation has fast outpaced traditional business practices.

With the proliferation of mobile or smart devices, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and not to mention the increase of Millennials in workforce, companies today are on a race to automate repetitive tasks, harness big data, and enforce predictive analysis by implementing digital solutions.

To boost service level, client engagement, and transparency, leading B2B companies now adopt the B2C process of ‘click and go’ by investing on digital technologies such as customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, and social media for business. For Mineral Circles Bearings, Automechanika Frankfurt is the ideal venue to meet tech innovation experts who can transform old ‘school of thought’ ways to a more competitive environment by combining digital innovations with human soft skills.

After all, product expertise is main but for the future, service is the name of the game.

Delegates at a glance

Recently appointed Managing Director Hassanein Alwan, Regional Sales Manager Rodrigo Paiva, and top executives will lead the MCB delegation in Automechanika Frankfurt.

Both seasoned bearing experts, Alwan and Paiva are set to entertain visitors throughout the five-day trade show and showcase the latest innovations in automotive bearings and applications.

(L-R) MCB’s Managing Director Hassanein Alwan and Regional Sales Manager Rodrigo Paiva at Automechanika Dubai 2017/MINERAL CIRCLES 

About Mineral Circles Bearings
Founded in 1984, Mineral Circles Bearings (MCB) is a trusted manufacturer of the MCB brand and a distributor of quality bearings, grease, cv joints, universal joint, tools, and oil seals from leading brands (NTN, SNR, MBS, ILJIN, KBC, Musashi) for the Middle East and African region. Located in Dubai, UAE and with branches throughout MEA plus a subsidiary in Sweden, MCB is known as the pioneering automotive bearings expert in UAE with a strong client base in over 65 countries worldwide.

Hassanein Alwan
Managing Director
Mineral Circles Bearings
Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai, UAE
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