Thin Section Bearings Operating on Mars

Nachi presents its comprehensive range of high-quality roller bearings at Hanover Industrial Fair April 23 to 27,  2018

During Hannover Messe, IAMD show 2018 which took place from April 23 to April 27, Nachi Europe GmbH, located in Krefeld, showed its large range of high-grade roller bearings for applications in all industrial branches. The company focuses on top performance.

The innovative roller bearings technology of the japanese mechanical engineering trust, which is well known all over the world, has decisively influenced the success of the latest NASA’s Mars mission.

The drive system of the Mars robot Curiosity is equipped with very lightweight but stable and strong thin section bearings designed and manufactured by the japanese specialists.

Due to the sophisticated material characteristics, the raceway design and the space-proven tribology, these roller bearings exceed by far the expected lifetime of the Mars rover Curiosity which was formerly planned to be 2 years. This proves the high competence and the outstanding know-how of the japanese manufacturer. Nachi’s roller bearings operate reliably in the adverse space conditions which include e. g. temperatures between -120 °C and 0 °C.

As well all other operators profit from these excellent qualities, especially the high reliability. This relates to all the roller bearings of Nachi’s comprehensive product range. The range includes deep groove ball bearings for universal use on shafts with 10 to 320 mm in dia., axial ball bearings in various types for one or double sided load with 10 to 360 mm inner dia., angular contact ball bearings with 10 to 200 mm inner dia., single and double row cylindrical roller bearings for shafts from 17 to 500 mm dia. respective 25 to 320 mm dia., spherical roller bearings and spherical thrust roller bearings with 20 to 1060 mm inner dia. respective 60 to 530 mm inner dia. as well as tapered roller bearings for shafts 15 to 320 mm in dia.

These roller bearings operate absolutely reliable during an extreme long service time. Thanks to their matured design and the high surface quality of the raceways they guide shafts extremely smooth, calm and friction-reduced at highest concentricity. Due to various lubrication methods and design types with or without shields respective sealings Nachi’s roller bearings can be used in a great range of conditions in various applications, such as machine tool, construction and special machinery, mining equipement, cranes, compressors, ships, road and rail vehicles.

Optimized types are available, e.g. extraordinarily vibration-proof spherical roller bearings, for exotic applications in extreme conditions.

As an option, in addition to the standard types high-precision roller bearings with minimized clearance are available as well as matched pair bearings with no axial clearance and bearing units with housings.

Nachi’s specialists master the complete production line from raw steel to manufacturing and heat treatment to assembly. Thus they can guarantee highest quality.

Further information on Mars Rover Curiosity:

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