One Kilometer of Interroll MCP in the New ePRICE Warehouse

ePRICE has entrusted the systems integrator Incas S.p.A. with the entire logistics system of a new distribution center in Truccazzano (Milan). Interroll provided the solutions for handling the merchandise in the new e-Price warehouse.

In Truccazzano, just at the gates of Milan, stands the new automatic warehouse of ePRICE, one of Italy’s leading e-commerce operators. The “greenfield” project was entrusted to the systems integrator Incas which developed and engineered the distribution site.

The Italian e-commerce market has been seeing tremendous growth in numbers in the recent past. Actual forecasts for 2017 were +16% compared to the previous year, bringing the overall value of online purchases to EUR 23.1 billion.*

This tremendous increase has led ePRICE to revisit the logistics of its extensive product catalog—and to the decision to build a new warehouse, entrusting Incas with the design and construction. Incas, in turn, turned to Interroll for its material handling technology.
In fact, the need for perfect logistics processes is key in high-growth markets such as in e-commerce. Effectiveness and flexibility of both Incas and Interroll operations resulted in a distribution center ready to support the increases in volume expected from rising consumer demand.

The warehouse is fully automated and enables much more efficient and effective  management of the delivery allocation phase triggered by the online purchases on ePRICE.
The pallets, broken up in packages, are conveyed inbound toward the storage warehouse on Interroll’s Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) and they keep moving on MCP from the warehouse into the picking zone for the preparation of orders in the outbound phase. There, the weighing, strapping, bar code reading, label printing, and label application all take place.
The total length of the installed Interroll MCP amounts to almost one kilometer (920 meters). Within the MCP, a total of 10,150 rollers and 560 RollerDrive units and as many photocells were installed.

The main element of the platform is a robust, modular system that incorporates the various key elements of conveying systems to form a complete material flow solution that renders the services needed. The modularity of the platform ensures easy plug-and-play installations that ensure flexibility and scalability. The modules are preassembled, thereby simplifying the installation of the system.

In order to access the different levels of the MCP installation, Interroll has also installed RM6008 elevators.

Claudio Carnino, Interroll Italia sales director and country speaker, underlined the excellent cooperation with Incas.

“It has been an honor collaborating to provide optimized warehousing of the major Italian e-commerce player,” he said. “The sector is in full expansion and a perfect internal logistics is crucial for the best end customer satisfaction. Interroll has not only the product and the technology but also the necessary experience to reach the goal.”