AESSEAL Lanches the New MagTecta-S™ Bearing Protector

AESSEAL has launched the MagTecta-S™ bearing protector. The MagTecta-S™ uses proprietary magnet seal technology and can eliminate more than half of all bearing failures.

The MagTecta-S™ combines the best of existing AESSEAL MagTecta™ and LabTecta® technology to make it one of the most reliable and cost-effective bearing protection products on the market.

Bearing failures account for more than 20% of all pump and other rotating equipment breakdowns, and in more than half of those the root cause is contamination of the bearing oil, typically the result of inefficient lip seals.

Magnetically energised contacting faces and proven oil retention technology protects against the loss of bearing oil and the ingress of harmful liquids, moisture and particles. The MagTecta-S™ is non-shaft-wearing and requires no routine maintenance—significantly reducing operating costs.

AESSEAL Bearing Protection Manager, Joshua Banks, says: “The MagTecta-S™ is the result of AESSEAL’s many years of experience with contacting face and labyrinth seal technology.

“The combination of these proven technologies allows us to deliver yet another cost-effective reliability upgrade for our customers.”