SKF Enlight Centre Redefines Machine Condition Monitoring for the Maritime Sector

SKF launches Enlight Centre, a next-generation Internet-enabled condition-based maintenance (CBM) and condition monitoring (CM) system designed for the global marine industry.

SKF Enlight Centre is a first-of-its-kind, asset based (as opposed to measurement focused) machine health monitoring system, featuring a radically simplified user interface, designed for use by engineers and managers throughout the marine sector.

This new web based ‘software-as-a-service’ tool represents the first phase of a multi-segment software development strategy, from SKF’s machine health software team, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The goal is to roll out this comprehensive, standardised machine condition monitoring offering across all sectors of industry and transportation, where remote monitoring and operation is required. The new software will eventually replace SKF’s existing @ptitude Asset Management System.

SKF Enlight Centre is designed to meet the changing needs of today’s marine asset management professionals. Easy and intuitive to use, the system identifies potential machine anomalies before they can cause malfunctions or damage, with data being transmitted via cloud based technologies to land-based sources of advice and expertise.

This enables ship operators and engineers to implement an effective condition-based maintenance strategy, with repairs or overhauls being scheduled to minimise disruption and operational costs, while improving safety and reliability.

SKF Enlight Centre allows data to be accessed from anywhere around the world, regardless of the location of each vessel.The system can be configured to provide different levels of access to different users; for example, a chief engineer or fleet manager.

Using built-in work flows, SKF Enlight Centre provides even relatively inexperienced maritime users with pertinent diagnostic information and analysis; if required, this can be shared with SKF, who can offer knowledge-based services via the Internet, should an impending machine malfunction be detected and further guidance be required. The system is offered under a subscription based licensing agreement and can be readily tailored to meet specific user requirements, maximising business efficiency in terms of CapEx and OpEx.

Robert Kaufman, ‎Product Line Manager, Software for Condition Monitoring at SKF comments: “Enlight Centre is unlike anything else on market. Easy to use and easily tailored to match the user’s specific requirements, it serves the capabilities of personnel on every level – from chief engineer to equipment operator, and offers a great way to teach ‘work optimisation’ techniques to less experienced staff.”