EPTDA brings 20 new member and guest companies to London, 4 of them joined recently

The EMEA Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA), the leading organisation for the mechanical Power Transmission and Motion Control (PT/MC) industry in EMEA, is welcoming four new member companies right before the EPTDA London 2018 Annual Convention, bringing the total of new members to nearly 20 since its 2017 Annual Convention in Rome last September. These newcomers are three new distributor companies – a+s vetriebsgesellschaft, CR Products Ltd and Piel & Schlembach GmbH, and one new manufacturer company: Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products GmbH.

“EPTDA brings year after year new member and guest companies to its Annual Conventions. A solid number of 20 new member companies joined EPTDA since its previous annual convention in Rome (September 2017), and 4 of them have joined EPTDA as a member recently. These newcomers will be presented to the EPTDA members at the occasion of the EPTDA 2018 Annual Convention in London, on September 26-28, where over 400 participants, out of which 91 are coming for the first time, the so-called first-timers, from 170 leading PT/MC companies have already confirmed their presence,” comments Hans Hanegreefs, EPTDA’s Executive Vice President.

a+s vetriebsgesellschaft
a+s vetriebsgesellschaft is a company from Hamburg, Germany, founded in 1978. It started as a center service for sales and distribution of Stieber Freewheels. Since then, the company developed as a specialized company in power transmission products distribution. For over 40 years, a+s vetriebsgesellschaft is very succesfull on the market and the company represents many products of well known, mostly German, manufacturers from the Northern Germany.

“We have received several recommendations from EPTDA members about the advantages of this community. Therefore, we see this as a great opoortunity to get in touch with potential partners. Our goal is to share experiences with other members and we look forward to a fruitful exchange. We believe that the membership of EPTDA will enable us to develop our business relations all over the world,” said Christian Thiel-Lott, Managing Director for a+s vetriebsgesellschaft. Find out more: http://www.aunds-vertrieb.de/

CR Products Ltd
CR Products (CRP) Ltd is a wholesaler of power transmission solutions and the certified master distributor of Timken® Belts for Europe, Middle-East and Africa, including, the high-performance Carlisle® Belts and Ultimax® Belts brands.

CRP specialises in the design, development and supply of belt drive solutions supporting dealers, distributors and OEMs with drive design services, aftermarket solutions and a full industrial drive system supply. With a product portfolio that includes, but it is not limited to over 600,000 SKUs across v-belts, timing belts, banded belts, ribbed belts, CVT belts, pulleys, bushings and aftermarket solutions available for the automotive, agriculture, industrial, outdoor power equipment, powersports and transport refrigeration markets. CRP drives quality into the supply chain for power transmission players around the world.

“We believe in quality, from the products we supply to the relationships we build. Joining EPTDA gives us a platform to connect with like-minded distributors. Enabling us to extend our supply chain across new countries and markets and share expertise from around the world in EPTDA WELCOMES FIVE NEW MEMBERS power transmission,” said Dan Thornton, CRP Managing Director. See more: www.c-rproducts.com

Piel & Schlembach GmbH
Piel & Schlembach GmbH is a company focused on the distribution of power transmission products, mainly bearings, sealings, belts, chains and linear motion production. Piel & Schlembach GmbH continuously aims to provide products and value added services.

Michael Schlembach, Managing Director: “We at Piel & Schlembach GmbH think that through the strength of cooperations like the EPTDA and the knowledge transfer between the companies inside the organization, will help us to face the fact that the world turns faster and faster and to ease the implementation of actual topics like digitalization, globalization or to find new ways of adding value for our customers.” Discover more: www.antriebstechnik.info

Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products GmbH
Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products GmbH begun their activities in 1867 and their traditional brands, Pfaff-Silberblau, Alltec and Duff-Norton have been mainstays of power transimission/linear motion. Under the Columbus McKinnon umbrella, they have combined to more fully serve the European and global needs in ways unrivalled by any other Linear Motion company. With a trusted product, excellent engineering resources and competitive pricing and delivery services, Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products GmbH established itself as a global market leader.

Christ Faust, Director of Marketing and Sales: “As a 25+ year member of PTDA (USA), we have benefitted in so many ways through the years of membership, conferences and the tools that this association provides. We look forward to beginning a similar relation with the EPTDA and look forward to meeting everyone”. Discover more at: https://pfaff-silberblau.com/ 

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