The EP®30 is here

The newest addition to our Engineered Plastics offerings

At GGB, meeting the changing demands in the industrial and automotive industry means constantly improving our product range. To expand our Engineered Plastics offerings, we recently debuted the new EP®30 model self-lubricating bushing, providing dry or lubricated performance in applications as diverse as office furniture, sports equipment, automobiles, domestic appliances and chemical-processing equipment.

EP®30 is available in a wide range of standard and custom shapes and have been specifically engineered for improved temperature tolerance and damping to reduce noise. The EP®30 line provides the ideal combination of performance and price for water pumps, pedals, automotive interiors, seat sliders, and much more.

EP®30 bearings feature a breadth of additional benefits, including corrosion resistance, a wide range of dimensions and design features, and full compliance with EVL, WEEE and RoHS specifications. Furthermore, they’ve been optimized for a more competitive price among our other EP® series bearings.

Questions about EP®30 should be directed to Andreas Epli, [email protected]. For more information and technical specifications, visit the EP®30 webpage.