THK will exhibit at Innotrans as exclusive partner of DB Ideenzug

At the Innotrans 2018 (Berlin, 18.-21.09.), the world’s leading trade fair for transport technology, THK will not only be exhibiting a wide range of products at their own stand (hall 1.1, stand 428), but also participate as an exclusive partner of the DB Ideenzug.

The DB Ideenzug (“Ideas Train”) is a fully walk-through 1:1 mock-up of a double-decker car, which will be presented in a pavilion in front of the Innotrans South entrance. It serves as a basis to explore new ideas for the design of car interiors.

Being an exclusive partner of the DB Ideenzug, THK will showcase their products in the following concepts within the mock-up:

1. Slide Table

Slide mechanism for working table
Location: MODUL 13 – MyCabin

  • The use of the SHW15 linear rail in combination with the newly developed TN clamper provides a movable table solution within the Ideas Train.
  • The smooth and silent motion in combination with the unlimited positioning offers a table to the customer which can be moved to any position the customer requires.
  • By using the TN clamper which uses a release and fix function operated by a Bowden cable it allows an easy integration into the surrounding design and the table movement by the customer is operated by a lever.
  • The flexibility of the table to be able to be moved by the customer to various positions provides more freedom to the customer.

2. Flex-Layout Seat

Rotational mechanism – transverse seating / longitudinal seating
Location: MODUL 21 – ECONOMY

  • The flexible seat allows the train owning company to change the layout of the seats within the train. Therefore the company is able to decide whether they want more standing space with alignment of the seat benches along the aisle or seat groups where two seat benches are facing each other.
  • Higher flexibility offers more possibilities for the train owning companies to react to the operational conditions as well as it is bringing more flexibility to the customer.
  • The use of HSR15 linear rail allows for a smooth motion in adjusting the seat positions. For rotational motion the MPG bearing was adapted to the new requirements. With the multi-point gating design a new type of MPG was developed by THK to adapt our technology to the markets and therefore fulfilling the customers’ needs.

3. Sensing Panorama Seat

Rotational mechanism and seat sensors for rotating seat
Location: MODUL 16 – Relaxing

  • The panorama seat provides the customer with the opportunity to sit in a relaxed and quiet area.
  • Furthermore the seat will rotate by almost 360° with the use of RF bearing in the lower area.
  • This bearing allows smooth rotation, it receives all loads and is easily integrated into a very small design space.
  • Integrated high-sensitivity piezo sensors can detect the minimum vibration of the human body like the heart rate, respiration rate, etc.
  • With the use of the sensing chair technology and THK bearings a complete system for health monitoring in combination with relaxing surrounding was developed.

THK is looking forward to welcoming all visitors and engaging in interesting discussions at the Ideenzug and also at the THK booth. We are also looking forward to extending our partnerships and business in the transport technology sector.

Further information regarding the DB Ideenzug can be found here
The highlights of the THK booth, as well as general information regarding the Innotrans can be found here

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