OAV Air Bearings announce A&AT as distributor of South Korea

OAV Air Bearings – the leading manufacturer of the recently advanced frictionless air bearing technology – is pleased to announce the addition of A&AT as Distributor of  S. KOREA.

A&AT was founded in 1996 and specializes in sliding bearings, linear bearings, magnetic bearings and air bearings. With the addition of the OAV Air Bearing product line, A&AT can now extend their capability to be able to fit their customers with the ultimate precision, smooth motion, no maintenance, and high-repeatability solution.

OAV Air Bearing brings an Aerospace background to the design and manufacturing of precision porous air bearings. Because of this, OAV is very equipped to provide a solution which in many cases makes new technologies possible. OAV Air Bearings, made with 7075 Aircraft Quality Aluminum combined with special graphite, offer many benefits over traditional bearings:

Advantages of OAV Air Bearings over Contact Bearings

-No Friction
-Indefinite Operating Life
-No Maintenance Required
-No Heat Generation up to 140,000 RPM
-High Accuracy
-High Speeds
-Clean Air
-Reduced Vibrations
-Damping Effect
-Easy Installation
-Can often replace conventional bearings
-High Stiffness
-More resistant to shock loads
-Operates over wide range of temperatures
-No Noise
-Resistance to Dirt
-Self-lubricating Material
-Corrosion Resistant

Learn more about OAV Air Bearings:

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