Eliminate Lubricants

Eliminating lubricants can improve machine performance as many greased and oiled bearings fail prematurely due to inadequate lubrication.

Reasons for inadequate lubrication may include
  • Lack of regular maintenance
  • Use of incorrect lubricant or topping up with an incompatible lubricant
  • Use of greases or oils with inadequate viscosity, allowing metal-to-metal contact between the shaft and the bearing, and resulting in premature wear

Lubrication systems also add costs by

  • Machining of grease paths or oil ways in the shaft or housing
  • Purchase of lubricants
  • Reduced operating efficiency due to machine downtime during maintenance periods
  • Additional sealing to retain the lubricant
  • Recycling of the machine
Other disadvantages include
  • Reduced energy efficiency from contact between the lubricant seals and shaft
  • Risk of environmental pollution from re-greasing or oil changes in the field

GGB high performance dry bearings are capable of operating without grease or oil due to low friction fillers in the sliding layer. With a wear resistant sliding layer and a robust, high strength structure, GAR-MAX® and GGB-CBM® bimetal bearings offer high load, low and high temperature resistance and long service lives. PTFE inserts in GGB-DB cast bronze bearings are used for low wear and friction, graphite inserts are available for temperatures exceeding 250°C. Our thin-walled DP4® low-friction bushings offer over a wider range of loads and speeds exceptional performance.

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