Durable roller bearings for all kinds of operational environments

Nachi, pioneer in manufacturing of roller bearings, being recognized for its high-quality roller bearing sets for the famous Japanese high-speed train Shinkansen presents its wide range of high-quality roller bearings for use in automation and machine tools during Hannover Messe 2019.

NACHI has established a broad range of different kinds of highly durable, precise roller bearings carrying high loads while achieving a very long service life

Nachi Europe GmbH, Krefeld, subsidiary of the Japanese engineering trust Nachi- Fujikoshi Corp., shows its comprehensive range of roller bearings during hannover trade fair (Hannover Messe Industrie – HMI) 2019 from 1st to 5th of April. These bearings fulfill the highest demands concerning an efficient and long lasting support of shafts and axles under various conditions in a variety of industrial branches.

The Japanese parent company proves this while being recognized for its high-quality
roller bearing sets for the famous Japanese high-speed train Shinkansen since the beginning of the first train in 1964 until today. Since then technology „Made in Japan“ is being recognized as worldwide leading.

NACHI‘s precision cylindrical roller bearings can handle large radial loads and are preferred in high-speed appli-cations, e. g. in machine tools

Concerning roller bearings the range of the european subsidiary Nachi Europe GmbH
includes single and double row deep groove ball bearings as standard and precision types, cylindrical roller bearings, tilted roller bearings, single and double row angular contact ball bearings. There are different types of each kind of bearings available, e. g. with or without single or double sided sealings made of metal, plastics or rubber.

Cylindrical roller bearings are available as standard or as full complement types, as single and double row types as well as with or without grooves for snap rings on the inner and the outer bearing ring.

NACHI‘s highly durable sheave bearings fulfil a variety of demands of industrial applications such as container cranes, crawler cranes, rope excavators and freight elevators in mining plants

Especially for the support of spindles in machine tool Nachi delivers angular contact ball bearings with reduced bearing clearance and as pre-loaded bearing-sets.

Due to their excedingly operation durance, their smooth and noiseless operation, their reliable life-time lubrication and their complete sealing double-sided sealed deep groove ball bearings care for a maintenance-free support of shafts in automotive air-conditioning and compressors over the life-time of the automobiles.

Nachi‘s spherical roller bearings have – compared to types of competitors – significantly higher load ratings with the dimensions being identical. Specially designed, strong types operate extended periods under severe vibration conditions. They are especially suitable for operation of cranes, construction machinery and mining plants.

High-quality due to depth of production

The depth of production of the Japanese engineering trust significantly contributes to the high quality and the long service time of Nachi‘s roller bearings. The company in Japan has all the production steps and processes from steel plant and forming the blanks across the manufacturing, the heat treatment and the coating technology to the assembly and the mounting of complete bearing sets. E. g. especially pure steel grades are melted and alloyed in Nachi‘s steel plants for use as bearing rings, balls and rollers. Moreover the japanese experts have extensively optimized the design and the surface geometry of the balls and of the bearing raceways. Therefore Nachi‘s roller bearings operate extremely smooth and precise. Since the engineering trust produces hydraulics, robots, machine tool and cutting tools as well, the specialists can proove the quality of their roller bearings within the company not only metrological but also under real operation conditions.

NACHI established Higahsi-Toyoma steel mill as an integrated manufacturing system to cover the handling of materials through to final Production

A pioneer with comprehensive know- how

Due to various outstanding inventions the mother company in Japan is worldwide known as a pioneer in roller bearings technology. Already in the year of 1939 Nachi produced its first deep groove ball bearings. Since then until today the manufacturer has continually developed its wide range of roller bearings. As the first manufacturer worldwide, already in 1949 the japanese company presented spherical roller bearings especially designed to operate reliably on oil-platforms. Today the global acting trust has subsidiaries and distributors in 53 countries and nearly 6000 employees worldwide.

NACHI has been developing rolling bearings since 1939. These durable allrounders have solved many problems in a wide variety of applications all over the world

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