World innovation – the mounting tool capable of withstanding forces of up to 5 tons


Simatec ag, the company from Wangen an der Aare in Switzerland, designs, manufactures and sells sets of practical and easy to use tools. Simatool tools are used all over the world for mechanical assembly and disassembly of roller bearings and radial shaft seals. Currently, Simatec ag has extended its range of simatool products and introduces a world innovation on the market with the FT-P fitting tool. The new simatool tool offers the ideal solution for mounting and snap-in installation of bearings or other circular shaped components. The FT-P fitting tool – coupled with a mechanical press – guarantees correct mounting of components having an inside diameter up to 60 mm.

The simatool FT-P fitting tool is the perfect tool for assemblies requiring considerable assembly forces, as it can be used on presses with a maximum push force of up to 5 tonnes. The tool thus enables assemblies that could not be carried out by traditional hammering. On the other hand seals with an inside diameter up to 60 mm can be easily assembled with a hammer – combined with a mounting sleeve or a bushing. The C rings of the FT 33 simatool may also be used on presses with the special DC adapter.

The FT-P fitting tool is the only product on the market that has been engineered to be used with presses; it is therefore the perfect complement to the simatool FT-33 fitting tool that has proven its worth. The rugged compact case contains one mounting sleeve, one mount adaptor and six premium quality aluminium bands that does not deform, even with assembly forces of 5 tonnes. Additionally, instructions are inside the case.

The simatool products are successfully used in the engineering industry, maintenance workshops and in virtually all other areas of the industry. The quick, accurate and safe handling of the tools is especially appreciated.

Simatec ag has released an informative and practical video for the user, demonstrating the correct use of the simatool FT-P fitting tool:



For further information on simatool FT-P, as well as on the other simatool tools and toolboxes, refer to the website

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With the simalube lubricator, simatec ag has launched a successful business and it has a one of the main suppliers on the world marketplace. The simalube automatic lubricator allows long-lasting, clean, safe and maintenance-free lubrication of bearings. Thanks to this technology, complex processes can be simplified and significantly reduce the maintenance costs of thousands of machines worldwide.

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