The leading grinding machine manufacturer runs on green energy


Meccanica Nova SpA, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art CNC Grinding Systems for the automotive, aerospace and bearing industry, and parent company to Meccanica Nova Corporation, stays committed to our planet.

Since its inception in 1937 Meccanica Nova’s philosophy has been to reinvest profits into the company. “We believe that our philosophy to reinvest profits back into our company has helped us maintain our benchmark status in the industry”, said Andrea Catone, Director of Sales & Marketing for Meccanica Nova SpA. During its history, Meccanica Nova has always been sensitive to the environment and the future of generations to come.

While 2019 is well under way, Meccanica Nova is very proud of a milestone achieved at the conclusion of 2018, Meccanica Nova SpA, our factory located in Bologna, Italy was pleased to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the installation of a photovoltaic power system.

Throughout all these years the sun has been our factories primary energy source. Our choice to invest into renewables was the natural consequence of our daily commitment to preserving the environment we live and work in, an opportunity we couldn’t pass on then and remain committed too today.

Thanks to our 3,425 photovoltaic solar panels, with the conclusion of 2018 Meccanica Nova produced over 7,244,020 kW of clean energy, thus achieving the ambitious goal we had initially set ourselves 10-years prior.