The Bearing Seminar Truck will start its tour through Europe

Faulty installation of bearings is one of the most frequent root causes for premature failures. Therefore, Elgeti Engineering has decided to offer companies an individual training on the seminar truck at their location in Europe. Participants will learn to properly use tools like inductive heater or workshop press to safely avoid damages and to adjust axial or radial clearance.

The training begins with a theoretical part that explains what faults can happen and how those might impact bearing performance. It is important to understand how excessive mounting forces can damage raceways and what one has to do in order to avoid them. The same applies to the setting of clearance – by understanding how clearance influences operation temperature, noise and running behaviour, one develops the sensitivity which is essential for taking sufficient care and measuring precisely.

During the practical part, the following exercises will be conducted:

– Changing the ball bearings of an electric motor
– Mounting cylindrical and spherical roller bearings
– Measuring and adjusting axial clearance of an assembly
– Measuring and adjusting of radial clearance of spherical roller bearings with conical bore

This seminar takes about 4 hours and is dedicated to groups of up to four persons. Apart from this, Elgeti Engineering can refer in particular to your special applications. Please feel free to contact Elgeti directly at for coordination of details according to your requirements!