Safe bearing assembly thanks to smart technology – New generation of Betex low frequency induction heaters

At this year’s Hannover Messe, Bega Special Tools will introduce a new generation of low frequency induction heaters. These are used for controlled heating of bearings, gears and other machine parts. Using smart processor technology, they provide better control over a stress-free, controlled heating process. A log function allows the heating process to be recorded.

Correct assembly of a bearing is one of the critical processes that affect the bearing’s lifespan. The requirement of correct installation is becoming ever more important, especially for very expensive bearings or for bearings in hard-to-reach locations. With the introduction of its new series, Bega meets the industry’s demand for greater control over the heating and assembly process. Two series have been developed: the Basic Series and the Smart Series.

The Basic Series replaces part of the current Betex range. These heaters are controlled using a simple keyboard and have a single temperature sensor. Heating can take place in time or temperature mode. Smart electronics ensure ideal heating and efficient use of power.

The Smart Series is used where a greater degree of control over the heating process is needed. These heaters have a modern, easy-to-use touchscreen. The heating process is visualised in the form of a clear graph. Data can be saved and externally documented via a USB connection. A double temperature (Delta T) measurement provides full control over the temperature progress. The operator can now exactly determine the rate at which a bearing is heated. The decisive factor here is not so much the speed at which the bearing reaches its target temperature as the prevention of stress that can result from rapid heating and can damage the bearing.

Induction heating is a sustainable form of heating. It replaces old methods, such as ovens, oil baths and open fires, which use much more energy as well as causing pollution and safety risks. The robust Betex heaters are designed for intensive and industrial use. They are made from recyclable materials and use induction technology, which makes them very energy efficient.

Bega at Hannover Messe 2019
Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives (IAMD), 1 to 5 April 2019, Hanover, Germany: Hall 25 Stand F23

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