GGB introducing EP®15

UV Resistant Bearings for Sun & Outdoor Applications

In an effort to constantly innovate and develop new tribological technologies that provide solutions that solve our customers’ surface engineering challenges, GGB is excited to announce the expansion of its engineered plastics line. GGB is bringing new possibilities to light with the development of EP®15.

With the solar power and outdoor equipment industry facing requirements to withstand exposure to UV rays and harsh weather conditions, GGB designed EP®15 as a durable solution with a temperature range of -40 – 125°C. With low moisture absorption, corrosion and abrasion resistance, EP®15 is a great choice for outdoor applications with high exposure to sun, wind, sand and saline conditions. In addition, EP®15’s accurate, smooth tracking, reduced wear and longer life are critical in solar and recreational applications, and result in lower operational costs and increased overall system performance.

EP®15 is available in a wide variety of standard and custom shapes, and is compliant with EVL, WEEE and RoHS specifications.

For questions related to EP®15, please contact Andreas Epli, [email protected]. For more information and technical specifications, visit the EP®15 webpage.