Automationware benefits from large NSK HTF ball screws


Gianpaolo Baracco, NSK Sales Engineer PSL, European Industrial Business Unit, with the two electro-cylinders featuring HTF ball screws

Automationware, a leading Italy-based specialist in motion and control technologies, has taken delivery of two large ball screws from NSK that will facilitate the automatic translation of large moulds used in injection moulding machines. NSK developed the special ball screws based on its class-leading HTF technology, a popular solution for injection moulding applications around the world.

Located near Venice, Automationware was established in 2002 with engineering expertise
spanning the core motion and control technologies found in advanced mechatronics
applications. The company’s linear axis and electro-cylinder products provide genuine
alternatives to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Proactive and progressive in the
marketplace, the business invests heavily in developing new solutions, and recently turned
to NSK for assistance with a special project.

Automationware was in the process of developing large electric actuators (cylinders) for the
translation of heavy moulds used in injection moulding presses. Destined for machines that
stand at over 6m in height, the cylinders produce up to 80kN of force and travel at a velocity of up to 1m/s.

The principal objective was to guarantee that the required force could be applied for 24
hours every working day, for a period of at least two years. Focused on this goal, in March
2018 NSK set about developing two ball screws based on its high-load HTF technology.
HTF stands for ‘High Tough Force’, a name that ably reflects the characteristics of these
translational drives, which were developed to offer an electromechanical alternative to
hydraulic drives. These advanced ball screws allow fast traverse rates (and thus short cycle
times) in combination with high precision and extremely high axial forces. Their patented
geometry is designed to distribute the axial forces equally over all of the balls. In tandem
with separator technology (ball separation), the geometry prevents premature wear and
guarantees high reliability.

The first two NSK HTF ball screws for Automationware, one of which measures more than
1.8m in length, were delivered in January 2019. The company intends to show its new
electric cylinders featuring the ball screws at SPS Italia 2019 (28-30 May, Parma), a leading trade show for industrial automation and digitalisation.

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