FPT Industrial natural gas engine powers new case methane – powered wheel loader concept – project TETRA


FPT Industrial is sustainably powering the new Natural Gas (NG) Methane-
Powered Wheel Loader Concept – Project TETRA from CASE Construction Equipment, presented at Bauma 2019, in Munich, Germany. With this announcement, FPT Industrial reinforces its commitment to develop sustainable solutions specifically adapted to off-road applications.

The new wheel loader concept is the first Natural Gas construction machine from
CASE Construction Equipment and is powered by a 6-cylinder NG engine from FPT
Industrial’s NEF family. This power unit, delivering power up to 230 hp and torque up
to 1,184 Nm, has diesel-like performance, but with a smoother and quieter drive. It
also offers the same reliability and durability and fuel savings up to 30%. The engine
runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), ensuring 15% less CO2 and 99% less Particulate Matter than its diesel-based counterpart.

The NEF engine uses stoichiometric technology, which ensures the correct chem-
ical balance between air and methane in every working condition, delivering clean combustion and low emissions. Such technology is enabled by FPT Industrial’s propri-
etary control strategy, specific piston design and multi-point injection. Optimized com-
bustion improves engine efficiency, leading to running cost savings of 10% to 30% over Diesel. The highly stable spark-ignited combustion system also reduces vibration and engine noise up to 5 dB in comparison with conventional Diesel engines, representing a 50% reduction in drive-by noise.

        CASE Methane-Powered Wheel Loader Concept – Project TETRA and FPT Industrial 6-cylinder NG engine

Among the many segments set to benefit from the new CASE Methane-Powered
Wheel Loader Concept – Project TETRA will be waste management companies and
construction contractors, for both of which a competitive carbon footprint is becoming
increasingly important in winning and retaining contracts. Thanks to the FPT Industrial
Natural Gas engine, the CASE wheel loader concept can operate in regulated urban
or indoor environments without the need for expensive ventilation equipment.

FPT Industrial is at the forefront of the development of Natural Gas engines for
the on-road market, with more than 20 years’ experience and with over 40,000 units installed in vans, buses and trucks. The Brand’s expertise allowed it to take Nat-
ural Gas to a higher level, delivering the same performance as Diesel, while providing a sustainable solution, with emissions well below regulations for on-road and off-road
applications, such as Euro VI and Stage V.

FPT Industrial offers the most complete Natural Gas engine line-up on the market
for industrial applications, with power ranges from 136 hp to 460 hp. Its engines are
capable of running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Biomethane, the latter can reduce CO2 emission levels close to zero. Be-sides powering light commercial vehicles for urban missions, long haul trucks and intercity buses, FPT Industrial introduced Natural Gas to the agriculture segment in 2013 with the New Holland Agriculture methane tractor prototype.

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